about us

"EMR premium services are created by experienced researchers and media analysts. These services are customized to tailor the needs of the clients. Our analysts include scholars with research background and training, and in their academic/research output can be compared to the best in the world."

Managed by professionals, we are India's premier full-fledged news monitoring agency tracking more than 140 channels beamed into India. Esha customizes news reports that provide clients with the information to drive decision-making process

Over the years,EMR has increased its range of services to regional Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi and Marathi amongst others besides English. Media relations and media coverage continue to hold prominence in influencing public perceptions. At EMR, we are committed to superlative service and innovative products. We have entered into this arena to fill in the gap for quality Print, Internet and Social media monitoring.

Why Monitoring ?

"Our products and services are an invaluable tool for those involved in corporate communications, public affairs, media relations and PR."

  • To know what is being broadcast nationally or internationally about your company, industry.
  • To track public perception with reference to your product or industry.
  • To be informed of industry trends affecting your business.
  • To track a press release or public relations campaign.
  • To monitor evolving legislation that could impact your industry.
  • To research specific products, services, people or issues.
  • What EMR can do for you ?

  • EMR gives you the entire news, 24 x 7 x 365.
  • EMR keeps an eye on your competition.
  • EMR tracks the effectiveness of your PR activities.
  • EMR tracks the media for you & is cost effective too.
  • EMR ensures your peace of mind.
  • Why EMR ?

  • EMR research is meticulous and backed by serious researchers.
  • EMR is credible and honest. It is independent and without any alliances to user agencies.
  • EMR gives information as it sees it -- unfiltered through lenses and biases, interests, fear or favour.
  • EMR provides customizable sites to users to log in and see what has appeared in real time without any gloss from anyone.
  • EMR, above all, gives you detailed analysis so that you know what is working, how much and how far
  • infrastructure

    EMR is spread over 7000 Sq.ft of office space in Mumbai. The latest technology for tracking & monitoring the wide range of channels is in use and is continually upgraded. We make extensive use of CDs / DVDs for archiving and retrieval, Efficient Power back up to ensures uninterrupted service, 24x7x365.

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