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EMR monitors over 130 channels in all different Indian languages broadcast across the country. The monitoring is done using state of- the-art equipment that allows us to record, retrieve, transcribe, translate, and deliver reports in formats ranging from CD and DVD to immediate uploads via FTP or a customized web page. This enables the client to log in, access and also news of their interest, any time, any where.

EMR Web Page Service

Web Page Service makes it easier for companies to track clips relating to their company or competition. Customized web page is created for companies with the company name and logo and uploaded to our server. Clips are uploaded on a daily basis for immediate viewing or download. The page has a grid and can be customized as per the client’s requirement, e.g. by day, channel, program, personalities, topic, date of telecast and duration. The cost of monitoring media by opting for webpage solution has brought down the cost for users and the format of clips can be undertaken as per clients choice and palatable to viewing on mobile phones.

Television Media Monitoring

The ePublishing Report provides a daily news report on news, articles, blogs, and discussions about an organization, product or service that appears on the web. ePublishing Report is user friendly and highly interactive and makes it easy to track specific news on the web.


Government agencies in need of an efficient system to manage and preserve content for effective governance? Do you need assistance in television news monitoring and 24/7 surveillance? We can customize as per needs.

TV Ad telecast certification

EMR provides a listing of all commercials aired based on various parameters such as channel, program, time, and sequential position amongst other ads during a break, duration of ad, and any other parameter.

Transcription / Translation

Audio / video file is converted to text. Be it conversation, interviews, focused groups, seminars, meetings, lectures, legal depositions, radio broadcasts and TV talk shows, the transcriptions are accurate and free of errors. The transcripts can be translated to a required language.

Conversion / Replication Services

EMR offers Conversion / Replication services catering to all digital formats.
Conversions: VHS <-> CD / DVD -> Audio / Video <-Analog
<-> Digital Replication. Also CD / DVD Replication is offered.

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