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At Esha Media Research , We empower businesses with cutting-edge media monitoring, social listening, and consumer intelligence solutions.

Our AI-driven platform provides comprehensive insights to drive your strategy, optimize marketing efforts, and enhance sales performance. Join global brands in leveraging our tools to stay ahead of the competition and measure the impact of your PR and marketing initiatives.

Discover the Power of Intelligence

  • Media Monitoring: Track and analyze media coverage.

  • Social Listening: Understand conversations around your brand.

  • Consumer Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your audience

Premium Research Services

Detailed reports and analyses for corporates, governments, and researchers.

Stock Market Vigilance. Competitor Monitoring. Corporate Communications spend audits.

Monitoring corporate image with detailed reports and analyses powered with A.I and ML

Stock Market Monitoring
Advanced Analytical Solutions

Leading Media Monitoring Company in India

Esha Media Research (EMR) provides comprehensive tracking and analysis of over 140 television channels across various Indian languages. Our services include television media monitoring, premium research, stock market vigilance, and corporate image monitoring.

Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis
Advanced Technology for Media Monitoring

We deliver detailed reports and analyses to corporates, governments, NGOs, and researchers, using advanced technology for recording, transcribing, and delivering media content in multiple formats.

Media Intelligence - Across All Formats

Track and analyze data across all media formats in various Indian languages with detailed reports supported with AI and ML

Social Media Intelligence

Monitor conversations about your brand across social platforms in real-time. Understand customer sentiment, track trends, and identify key influencers. Gain actionable insights to enhance your marketing strategies and engage effectively with your audience..

Print Media Intelligence

Track and analyze your brand's presence in newspapers, magazines, and other print publications. Our comprehensive service provides detailed reports and insights, helping you measure media impact and manage your public relations effectively..

Broadcast Media Monitoring

Comprehensive tracking and analysis of over 140 television channels across various Indian languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati & Bangla.

Television , Social Media and Newspaper
Television , Social Media and Newspaper
close-up photo of monitor displaying graph
close-up photo of monitor displaying graph
low angle photography curtain wall buildings
low angle photography curtain wall buildings

Monitor broadcast coverage 24/7 with Clipbyte™ . Safeguard your brand, understand public opinion, and track competitor influence. Our services cater to large corporations, government bodies, film associations, and sports organizers, ensuring you're always informed and prepared.

people playing cricket in a field during daytime
people playing cricket in a field during daytime
crowd surrounded by buildings during daytime
crowd surrounded by buildings during daytime
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white printer paper on brown wooden table
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person using MacBook pro turned on

Track market trends with our stock market monitoring services. We follow scrip behavior, rumor mongering price impacts, understand conversation impacts, and provide real-time updates from market open to close.

Stay ahead of crises with our 24/7 monitoring. Receive instant updates in clip and text formats, enabling you to manage situations effectively. Prevent PR nightmares by strategizing, consulting legal advice, and responding promptly to unfolding events.

Want to know how often your brand is featured at live sporting events or alongside key players? We offer real-time monitoring to track brand visibility and player associations. Get detailed insights to measure your sponsorship impact and brand exposure

Our service verifies that your advertising budget is spent as intended, ensuring accurate and efficient allocation. We provide detailed reports confirming ad placements and adherence to schedules, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses and ensuring maximum ROI on your media spends.

Make video coverage more accessible with our transcription services. Convert any type of video content into text for easier review and analysis. Our service is ideal for legal teams needing detailed and accurate descriptions without watching hours of footage. Transcribed documents can also be translated into common or local languages for better comprehension.

We organize, store, and secure your media information, ensuring easy access and effective utilization. Our solutions help you manage large volumes of video data efficiently, enabling better decision-making and streamlined operations.

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